Troy and Gabriella are on stage getting ready to sing “Breaking free.”

Coach Bolton came into the locker room to find his son Troy.

Coach Bolton: How you feeling?
Troy: Nervous!
Coach Bolton: Do you know what I want from you today?
Troy: A championship
Coach Bolton: What I want you to do is to have fun. I know about the pressure and probably too much of it has come from me. All I want to do is to watch my son have the time of his life, playing the game we both love. Give me that, and I’ll sleep with a smile tonight, no matter how the score comes out.
Troy: Thanks Coa –   Dad.

Then his smiled at him and walked off.

School had started at East High again.  As Troy entered the courtyard, Chad and his basketball team mates went up to him.

Troy: Hey Chad, Dudes…Happy New Year.

Chad: Oh, yes it will be Happy Wildcat New Year, because in two weeks we are going to be championships with you leading us to infinity and beyond.

This is when Troy and Gabriella sing “Start Of Something New” together.

Troy and his dad are playing basketball when Troy’s mum comes in

Troy and his dad are playing basketball when Troy’s mum comes in.

Troy’s Mum: Boys? Hello?

Once she got there attention she said:

Troy’s Mum: Did we fly all this way to play more basketball?

Troy and Coach Bolton knew she didn’t want a answer but still gave her one!

Troy and Coach Bolton: Yes

This is when Gabriella heard all those mean and nasty things Troy said about her and was hurt and crushed.

This is when Troy is on Gabriella’s balcony singing “Start Of Something New” and says it’s a pairs audition which Gabriella then decide she will sing again.

This is the part where Gabriella sings “When There Was Me and You”.

Gabriella smiled as she saw the letter from Troy telling her to go to Troy’s secret hiding place.

This is when Gabriella moves to a new school (East High) and she is nervous.

This snap is when Gabriella is reading her book and her mother tells her to stop reading and go to the party. Gabriella then asked her mum if she could have her book back and she said ok.

This is Gabriella when she looks all the people and she gets sscared but Troy told her just like Kindergarten.

Troy and Gabriella are walking and bump into each other but they both don’t say anything and continue to walk away.

Everyone singing “We’re All In This Together”.

Ryan Singing \

This is when Ryan Sang “What I’ve Been Looking For” with his sister Sharpay.

This is when Chad asks Taylor to the after-party and she says “like a date” and Chad says “Must be your lucky day”.

This is when they sing Status Quo and in this snap it is Zeke telling everyone he loves baking.

This is when Corbin is in detention and falls asleep in the tree. troy then pokes him with a leave for fun.

Troy’s dad asks Darbus where is her team and screams at Troy and Chad to go to basketball practice now.


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